Why Sell With Us

At Mark McNamara Real Estate we are committed to building a business model based firmly on flexibility, transparency and trust. We have the mind set, skills and brand options to deliver an exceptional result across all price spectrums and will tailor your property’s marketing profile to suit your personal ambitions and budget.

The decision to auction a property, as opposed to listing it with an advertised price, or price range, is determined by many things. We let you choose how to best market your property, and in doing so will clearly communicate the pros and cons of each method, together with the strategies and advertising mediums we have at our disposal.

We offer a competitive commission and marketing structure to enable you to increase your ultimate return and will professionally manage the process from listing right through to settlement, with regular feedback being one of our strengths.

To find out more call us on 58222235 or email info@mmre.com.au and one of our experienced sales team will be happy to assist.